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Guest Reviewer Jeremy Bessette


cups and balls white beautiesProduct: White Beauties

Maker: RNT2

Price:  I Paid $50 (Not Currently Available)





Overview:cups and ballscups and ballscups and ballscups and balls 4/5


This was my first mini set of cups. I bought these on a whim. If you are looking for a set of cups that you can stroll with then these cups are perfect. They are really light and compact. 

What's Included?:

cups and balls white beautiesI received a zippered two compartment bag which holds the cups and the crocheted balls.  Also supplied is a booklet containing the routine for these cups. The bag doubles as a close-up mat.

Construction / Durability:

The cups are made form delrin which is a hard plastic (ed note: acetal resin). The cups are very durable.  As I was taking some picture of them on my close-up table, I drop one on the tile.

The drop was about 4ft, the cup landed on the side and (no lie) bounced back up 3ft!  I was really scared to look at the cup but to my surprise there was no damage.


cups and ballsFor me this set is only suitable for the display shelf.  They are just way to light for my hands. Also they are somewhat transparent.


These cups are neat.  If you can find them at a good price like I did, then get them.


Available from: (No Longer Available.)  

Thanks Jeremy!

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