Cellini Update 

Great news coming from Frank Starsini of The Ambitious Card. Many of you will have alread heard the sad news about Cellini, and perhaps even given to the "Pass The Hat" fund already, however Frank has put together a great package with the aim of sending Cellini $1000 to help towards medical funds.

Frank has contacted many dealers and asked them to donate various items and created 10 packages for a silly price (great value folks.)

The boxes will contain:

1. A Jimmy Talksalot Pouch (Sidewalk performers pouch)
2. Loop Ball
3. Cellini Purse
4. Various books
5. Various DVDs
6. Various Vernet items
7. Rainbow Manipulation Balls
8. More as more stuff arrives...

So far, it contains contributions from:

Magic Inc.
Murphys Magic Supplies
Fun Inc.
The Ambitious Card
Jimmy Talksalot

The amazing package is only $100 (I would pay that for the first item alone!) and Frank isn't making a penny. All funds are going to Cellini.

For those that are interested, you can now order.



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