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The Tom Fenton Collection...

Chop Cups

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Back Row:  L-R: RNT2 Big Don, RNT2 Don Alan 50th Anniversary Chop Cup, RNT2 Don Alan in purpleheart, Ickle Pickle wide mouth Chop Cup.

2nd Row:  L-R: RNT2 Olivewood Chop Chalice,  RNT2 Exotic African hardwood chop cup in purpleheart and ebony, Morrisey Pocket Chop Cup, Merlin Chop Cup, Bob Solari Chop Goblet.

3rd Row:  L-R: RNT2 Le Petite in church bronze, RNT2 Le Petite in copper, RNT2 Le Petite in surgical steel, RNT2 Le Petite in brass.

Front Row:  L-R: RNT2 Candy Corn variant, Ickle Pickle Micro Chop Cup in aluminium, RNT2 Alter Ego, Riser Micro Chop Cup, RNT2  CandyCorn. 

* Chop cups not shown, RNT2 Little Don in brass and an RNT2 Ken Brook Stubby in aluminium.

Cups and Balls


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Back Row:  L-R: Uday Monti's, RNT2 Phoenix II's, Gary Animal 3 Ring Tall Street Cups, RNT2 Traditional Cups.

2nd Row:  L-R: RNT2 Sisti Cups in aluminium, "found" cups from Ikea, RNT2 Ramsay Cups, RNT2 Sisti Cups in copper.

3rd Row:  L-R: RNT2 Monti Cups in church bronze, RNT2 Pink Beauties, RNT2/JESMagic Squatty Cups, RNT2 Black Beauties, RNT2 Paul Fox Cups in church bronze.

Front Row:  L-R: Ickle Pickle Mini Cups in aluminium, RNT2  C&B Museum Souvenir Mini Monti Cups.

*Cups not shown, RNT2 Mini Paul Fox in stainless steel.

Collection Owner: Tom Fenton 


Tom Fenton is based in Leeds UK and is as passionate about cups and balls (and chop cups) as anyone I have ever met!  Tom's an aeronautical engineer by trade and possibly one of the nicest guys you will come across.

Thanks Tom! 

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