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The Brian Watson Collection...

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 michael ammar poster and cups

Cups and Balls

cups and balls brian watson

Top Shelf L-R: Vintage Ickle Pickle Brass Mini Cups, Unknown (possibly found?) Cups (these have hole drilled a fraction below the saddle, possibly for thread or some gimick?), Vintage Burtini Cups (Sold by Ken Brooke), Uday Aluminium Combo's, Bazare De magia, Morrissey Cups (my first ever "real" set, these are at least 20 years old.), Original Monti (with magipoxy), Riser Mini's, Black beauties Cup.

brian watson magic cups and balls

Middle Shelf L-R: Harry Stanley (chrome over aluminium), Stainless Monti's, Foxy 2.5's, Sterling Silver Princess, Sherwood Copper Smooths With Matching Chop Cup, Sherwood Brass Smooths, Original Sisti's, JES Squattie 1's, Rare RNT2 Paul Fox (Limited edition number 1 of 2.  Mirror finished and clear coated inside and out.)

cups and balls

Bottom Shelf L-R: Animal Love Cups, Mendoza Combo's, Paul Sharkey Jumbo Cups, Keith Bennett Cups, Early Burtini Traditionals, Unknown Combo Set, Ken Brooke Heavy Copper Cups, Supreme Dumpy Cups, Phoenix Cups.


Chop Cups

 chop cup
Back Row L-R: Shamanic Chop Cup (with 5 final load cups), Unknown Aluminium Cup, Don Alan (aluminium), Eric Hansen 6 Piece, Unknown Cup (takes an orange), Eric Hansen Cocobolo Baseball Cup, Eric Hansen Birch Burl (tennis ball), Heavy Copper Strolling Cup, Uday Aluminium, Eric Hansen Cocobolo & Birch Burl Chopped Bowl, Eric Hansen Birch Burl Chopped Bowl.  
Front Row: Eric Hansen Ball Vase, Olive Wood Chalice, Magus Capsule,
Mini Don (aluminium), Le Petite (Stainless), Unknown Leather Chop Cup(came with walnut final load and papier mache balls.)
magic wand
Top to Bottom: Bruce Smith Cherry Wood and Brass, Tabman Tables, Cocobolo Street Wand, Ammar Mercury Wand, Eric Hansen Custom, Cocobolo & Zebra Wood Wand, Eric Hansen Holly & Ziricote Glitter Wood Wand, RNT2 Delrin Wand, Phoenix Cups Street Wand, Bruce Smith "Bullet Wand."


Name: Brian Watson

Resides: Sth Yorks UK

Years in Magic: 28 years in magic and counting (I wasted the other 8!) Though I cut my teeth on close up I spent a good 19 years on mentalism and hypnosis though my interest in cups and balls has always been there.

First set of real Cups: Morrissey Copper Cups (birthday present from my Mother, thanks Mum!)

Other Interests: Music, Martial Arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu, Taiji, Qi-Na), Chinese Brush Painting, Hypnosis. 

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