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cups and balls sherwoodProduct: Brass Smooth's

Maker: Brett Sherwood

Price:     $425




Overview:cups and balls  cups and balls cups and balls cups and balls cups and balls  5/5



$425 may seem a lot of money for a set of cups, however these are (at least for me) everything I want in a cup.  Although I do have many sets of cups,  I'm not a collector as such.  This website was started because I have been looking for a set of cups that is perfect for me and, so far these are the closest I have found.

cups and balls sherwood smoothsI bought my first set of metal cups around the age of 16 - 17 and if I were to add up the amount of money I have spent on cups over the years I would frighten myself to death but I could have just bought these and saved a whole lot of money.  I will no doubt have these for life so they are worth every penny.

What's Included?:

The cups and a velvet monogram bag.

Construction / Durability:

cups and balls sherwood smooth brass

These cups are strong enough, resilient enough and sturdy enough to be used as workers and they look beautiful.

They are expensive cups, however in this case you truly do get what you paid for.  If you buy these and use them then you will be rewarded.

Let's get one thing straight unless you are solely a collector and you are buying for investment then they should be used, it's what they were made for.

Rant over!  These cups are a solid 6.5oz and the very design of them makes them a sturdy cup.  Like any cup, if you hit them with a metal tipped wand they will knock, dent and ding however if you want to keep them pristine just use a wooden tipped wand.


For me, they're perfect.  I love heavy cups and I really like rounded tops because of the moves I prefer to use.  These cups really do seem to handle themselves for a lot of moves.  They have soul and seem to know just what to do.

sherwood cups and ballsThey will comfortably take 3 1" balls on the saddle and a regulation tennis ball final load (my preference.)  So these cups do everything I require.

Don't get me wrong, I can do most moves with most cups however with these there doesn't seem to be much effort.

I am wondering if I should have bought copper cups as these need to be polished every other day (used regularly that is) but so do any brass cups.

One problem I do have with the set is the bag.  I do not find the bag suitable at all, I am not sure if all Sherwood bags are as tight but mine is a struggle to get the cups out of easily.  The cups just fit into the bag and it hinders performance when you are stealing balls from the cups when taking them out so I just use another bag.

Update:  I just received an email from Brett, there are 2 types of bags and I have the smaller one, it seems the newer ones are bigger.


Overall these couldn't get anything less than 5 out of 5, they are a great weight, look superb, handle flawlessly and have a lot of soul.  Before I owned a set I wondered if there was a lot of hype surrounding Sherwood's and perhaps a touch of "Emperors New Clothes" however I can safely say that all the good things you hear really are true, they're lovely cups so if you have some USE THEM!

Available from: Brett Sherwood

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