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The David VanVranken Collection...

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Front Row:  L-R: Riser "Innocent" Minis, Morrissey Combos, Brass Magic Maker minis(I use the word "cups" loosely. They're there for comic relief), Gary Animal "Golf" in Guild metal next to golf ball load.

Mid / Back Row:  Middle/Back, L-R: Tim Star Chop Goblet, Gary Animal "Babes" resting behind Morrisseys, Gary Animal "Love" cups, extra thickness copper, far right Charlie Miller cups from Magic Inc., Towering all the cups in the rear are Pete Biro's Chick Cups.

Collection Owner: David VanVranken




I've been interested in magic for almost 25 years and gathering cups for the past 5 years or so. Rather than collect, I buy and sell and am always on the lookout for the next "perfect" cup.

I think I've come pretty close with the Loves, and now the Mendoza Combos (not pictured.)  Also not pictured are my aluminum Ickle Pickle Chop Cup, RNT2 "PK" Chop Cup, and a set of brass "thimbles" for thimble rigging.

Thanks Dave!



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