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shaman cupProduct: Shaman's Cups

Maker: Cahyo of Indonesia (Makers info from Bill Palmers Museum. Thank you Bill.)

Price:     $175



Overview:cups and balls cups and ballscups and ballscups and ballscups and balls 5/5


 shaman chop cup side by side

What's Included?:

These come with the cups, an imitation leather bag and 3 balls (2 regular, 1 chopped.)

Construction / Durability:

shaman chop cup nestedConsidering these are wooden cups the walls are relatively thin, this doesn't mean however that they are fragile at all, I don't believe they are.  Obviously you will want to treat wooden cups with a little more care than metal ones, however these are well made and finished.

The cups themselves are handsomely finished with clean, simple lines and nest very well indeed.

The 2 gaffed cups (biggest and 3rd biggest) are well made and easily pass being handled if you were to ask someone to drop the ball in etc (I've never really been an advocate of having things examined.)

The balls are very lightweight (polysterene) and cheap feeling but they work well enough and the chop action is light enough to enable a natural handling with no issues of "Has the ball dropped or not?"


No complaints here, this is a great little set, very suitable for their purpose indeed.  The balls (as I mentioned above) are not the best available but most cups and balls workers will have many to use in their place anyway.


shaman chop cupThis is a very novel set indeed, the idea of the final load being 5 more cups (ala Russian dolls) and the ball eventually turning up under the final one is a great idea.  Of course, should you want to then it would be impleenough to load each cup as it is being set down enabling a further 6 objects to be produced if you wanted to.

The cups are all well made, look attractive and function well.  Some may worry about the final load talking however given the correct technique and misdirection this shouldn't present much of a problem.  If anyone has ever produced a shot glass under a cup then this will be a breeze.

All in all, I really like this set... 

Available from: The Trickery

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