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fun shop cups adn ballsProduct: The Fun Shop Cups and Balls

Writer: Kent Gunn

Price:     £71.20






Overview:cups and balls cups and ballscups and ballscups and ballscups and balls 5/5



At first glimpse this may seem pricey but those in the know will realise it's a worker.  I spent a long while working on my own cups and balls routine and, just like Kent, I believe there are a few moments in there that are my own and The Fun Shop Cups and Balls is a pretty unique routine and well, that's worth paying for.

What I am saying here is that from watching the above video and reading the book it is crystal clear that Kent spent a long time on this routine, its development, blocking, timing and execution.

I know that if I charged for the time I had put into my routine honing it the way I have that it would be a lot more than anyone would want to pay.  These things are a labour of love and you can't put a price on that.

What's Included?:

The physical book consists of 36 pages, 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm, saddle-stitch binding, full-colour interior ink and the e-book is the same spec etc (obviously without the binding before anyone emails me!)

At 36 pages this is not War and Peace, however there is no padding or filling at all in this book, it's solid content.

Delivery Time / Packaging:

Instant delivery as I received the e-book download, I guess if you ordered the physical book then you would wait a little longer than perhaps a magic dealer because Lulu is a POD (print on demand) company and does not carry actual stock.


If you are a newcomer to magic or the cups and balls I would not recommend this routine.  While the sleights and handing are all relatively basic, the timing, blocking, misdirection and nuances are something that need a solid background to get right.

Kent covers all of what you need to perform this successfully however you are not going to do this justice if you are not familiar with a couple of utility gimmicks needed for the routine as well as the cups and balls.

If you have a reasonable background in magic or cups and balls then you shouldn't find anything too challenging as long as you take the time to collect the various bits and pieces needed and work diligently.

While the routine looks (and is) very simple in plot, there are many subtleties that make it work and these are all covered in detail.


Overall this is a great routine, it's original and while it gives a nod of the head to Al Schneider and Aldo Columbini (among others) it stands proudly in the cups and balls arena on its own.

The whole routine is original, simple and uncluttered and the magic speaks for itself, I like that.

Did the vanish of the blue ball fool ya?  It did me the first time I saw it.  Go on admit it, it's fun to be fooled!

Overall I gave this 5 out of 5 because its and off the wall routine that is well blocked out and thought about.  The book is lavished with photographs, very well explained and credited.

All in all this means that as long as you have a bit of a background in the art and take the time to collect the pieces you will need to perform the routine you would have to be a total idiot not to be able to follow it.

If you want a professional routine that looks like real magic then this is highly recommended.

Available from: Lulu

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