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Andre Limantara's workers!


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text Here are Andre's workers, a RNT2 copper Mendoza set with a simply beautifull patina.  Andre also makes amazing wands, don't you think?

Owner: Andre Limantara


ANdre Limanatara

Name: Andre Limantara

Origin: Indonesia

Occupation: Business Owner and part-time magicians

First Set Of Cups: Bazaar De Magia cups

Magic Background:

This is my 4th years in magic.  I was learning magic from zero when I was a uni student in Melbourne Australia.  I started with card magic as probably all of us were.  Then after quite some time, I learn coin magic and also basic of other areas.  I decided to go with close up magic since then.

I have passionate in Cards, Coins, and of course Cups and Balls...

Thanks Andre! 

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