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The SetProduct: Birch Burl with Black Walnut lip

Maker: Eric Hansen

Price:     $65


Overview:cups and balls cups and ballscups and ballscups and ballscups and balls 5/5



The price of this chop cup belies its beauty I don't like to use the word "cheap" because it makes it sound of a lesser quality so I am simply going to say that Eric's pieces give amazing value for money.

What's Included?:

All the items in the picture above were included with the set, the chop cup itself, the bag and the balls (one magnetic and one straight ball.)  The balls themselves are bounce no bounce balls so you have an extra effect there should you want to include the gag.

Delivery Time / Packaging:

It would be unfair to comment on the delivery time for this item because it was held up in customs, however it took a little over 3 weeks from Canada.  What I can tell you with certainty is that the postmark on the shipping box was dated the day after I messaged Eric on the magic cafe to do the deal.

The package included 2 chop cups and a chopped bowl (reviewed elsewhere on the site) and all were expertly wrapped in poly bags and paper before being securely packaged in a strong box with further padding.

I doubt Eric could have packaged it better to be honest.  I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Eric again and recommend him highly.

Construction / Durability:

This is a well put together piece, full stop.  Not only does Eric have an eye for a piece of wood but he knows how to bring out the best in it.

There are some people (like me for instance) who look at a piece of wood and see, well... a slab of wood...  and there are other people (like Eric) who look at that same piece of wood and see chop cups, ball vases, cups and ball sets, bowls and all manner of wonderful things.

I have linked the thumbnail's at the top of the reviews of Eric's work to hi-res pictures because I want people who read these reviews to appreciate the lovely grain and finish on these things.

InsideAs far as hiding the gaff goes, well I have shown a picture of the inside of the cup and there is nothing to find.  To be honest with you I have had both of Eric's cups on the mantle and people have commented on them, they don't look like magic props, they look like something you would find in a high end gift shop attached to a gallery.

In fact, I tend to think of Eric as more of an artisan than a "magic dealer" myself anyway.

As far as durability goes, it's very well made and I expect to be using this cup for many years to come.


No issues here, it does exactly what it says on the tin!  The action of the chop cup pleases me greatly too, in as much as I can control the drop (or not) very easily without slamming the cup down.

Tennis ball loadThe ball rests nicely on top of the cup due to the dimple Eric has created in the saddle and it has a nice weight to it too for a wooden cup.

This cup is designed to take a regulation tennis ball which it does adequately and the contrast of a "dayglo" tennis ball against the wood looks nice.




TopI have thought long and hard about what to write here because I don't want to sound like Eric is paying me for the review but I can't find fault with it.

I read a review of Eric's work over at cupscon by Bruce (BCS) and I thought that the cups Bruce had sounded beautiful, I was still awaiting mine eagerly at the time so I was glad of Bruce's review.  In fact I enjoy reading all of Bruce's reviews!

However, I digress, not only is it a thing of beauty, it does its job perfectly and it just feels right in my hand.

Maybe I was lucky to have stumbled upon a cup that is just right for me or maybe it's the way Eric makes them,  I don't know, but what I do know is that I have a new favourite chop cup.  Thank you Eric!

Available from: Eric Hansen

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