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Chop Cup Know How

Chop Cup Know How is the only book you'll ever need if you have question about the Chop Cup.  If it's not in here then you don't need to know it!

80 pages of know how to take you from total beginner to expert in one volume!  Photo illustrated, in depth and no holds barred!

chop cup


"As an accomplished, professional performer whenever I consider new routines it is important for me to source THE best information and advice so that I can make an informed and educated decision on props and technique. With 'Chop Cup Know How' Brian Watson has produced the Holy Grail for anyone considering adding this classic of magic to their own repertoire. It is clear, concise and covers everything you need to know for a good foundation in this art. Furthermore, his website is a great companion to the book, providing greater depth and advice for the serious performer. 'Chop Cup Know How' is a MUST HAVE for working performers ..... now ..... where was I ? .... ah yes ! .... page 59, "why the lemon?"

Roy Bond.